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Joomla Hosting

Finding and Choosing a Joomla Website Host

Finding a Good Host for your website takes time and research. Many factors such as what space do you need, how many visitors do you anticipate monthly, does the functionality of your site require heavy resources and how many scripts / queries are performed in a given period effect your choice of what level of hosting you require. I've been there with the hosting problems. First host was great, but after a while, problems started to come up such as server down time, capacity problems with no detail of the cause, and slow support to find out the actual cause of the problems. Next host was better support and better servers/shared hosting but when I was pulling out my hair on a particular complex project and a heavy script on my VPS they were not particularly helpful on assiting or providing the means to nail the cause. After several hosts I finally found one I don't see myself leaving in the future and have had great support since day 1.

Why Host with SiteGround?

I had been eyeing Siteground for some time and in many ways I wish I'd switched sooner. After my purchase with them for my first hosting account I got a friendly call welcoming me to Siteground and my hosting account was set up in minutes. Getting my site (and future sites) set up was a breeze and they have extensive tutorials on configuring various areas of your hosting as well as your site if you are running a CMS such as Joomla, Magento, Wordpress or Drupal and more are coming. Their Supercacher is an amazing feature which greatly speeds up your site and supports Joomla and Wordpress. The very few times I've needed to contact them for support have been resolved in minutes, to the point that sometimes I've submitted a ticket, made a coffee and my problem has been answered /solved by the time I get back to my desk. Their technical team are very knowledgeable and they provide great suggestions. Numerous other developers highly recommend them. Whether you are setting up your first website, or if you have hosting problems with your current provider, I recommend giving them a try. Siteground have proven to beat their competitors on Security, Site Speed and Support time and time again.

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