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Cookie Notice

I was working on a simple website today which required no complex user requirements on the front end, no tracking but still had cookie usage for performance and that flipping EU cookie law crossed my mind. I had a quick browse for solutions, and being a Joomla adict I considered a few plugins but trying to keeep things light weight for a better performing website, I came accross Cookie Consent (by insites). It's pretty perfect for any website from a basic HTML website through Joomla / Wordpress content management systems to high end complex or custom websites.

It's some neat code (script) to add to your website header section, preferably at the end of the header before the header closing tag. In Joomla and Wordpress normally you can do this via the template settings or configuration options (with good themes), or you will need to edit template files to add this code.

Head to https://cookieconsent.insites.com/ and click on downloads and you will get to the configuration page, which will automatically prepare the code you need for your website such as where you want it to appear on the page, the colours of the text, background and button, the text to display including the button text, and a section where you should paste your link to your cookie and privacy policy. There are advanced options too.

Simply pop this code before the closing header tag on your website pages (or in your Content Management Systems configuration or theme configuration) and you are done!

It's neat, and soon to be on every website I work on which requires it but maybe would require some further cusomization for complex websites!